Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Beading, Bonding & Birthdays...making 'Hearty Hang-ups'

My favourite time of year.

It's getting to be crafty time, I mean all those delicious events that need celebrating...Halloween, Guy Fawkes and all the things to get ready for the Red Guy to come on the 25th December...my idea of bliss, my husband the opposite (bah humbug grumpus mcflumpus).

So...kicking it all of is my DS's 8th birthday on Monday...aaargh.  Stress.  10 boys for tea, so it's making we shall do.  Monday's weather is looking good so am thinking that a picnic tea in the park might well do, but for now...am planing a 'make-along'.

Am thinking bats.  Bats for Boys.  Making Halloween Bats.  Good for being in season (Darling) good to take home (Happy Mums & Dads) and great to make (happy children).

Have the materials and the plan so oft I go.  Will let you know how we get on.

In the meantime...I have my beautiful nieces and nephew here today alongside my own too.  Organisation is the key and in fact, the day has flown by so fast that am willing the two big ones to come back from swimming now, to cram in the pizza/movie and popcorn part of the plan which is scheduled to start at 4.45...must...stay...on ......schedule!

This mornings activity however was a rip-roaring success.  The tines (ages 4 & 5) made airplay necklace pendants complete with tons of beads kneaded into them, and the older gals made beaded heart pendants complete with hangy bit.  Both went down mighty well.

So with that in mind, I decided to record it to pass on the (mega basic) idea.


'Making Hangy Beaded Hearts'.

Brill for:  Ages 7 or 8 years up.

Whats needed?

Wire, gardening is fine.
Seed beads...(little tiny weeny beads to put between the bigger ones)

Gather your stuff altogether and get comfy.. 


Make yourself a tiny wee loop at the top of the wire to stop the beads coming off as you put them on!  

Then, (this is the important bit) take a seed bead (that is the tiny ones) and put between each big bead.  This does two things, a:  looks very pretty and b:  beefs out the big beads beautifully.  Making your bead collection last twice as long.

Keep beading until your line is about the length of an adults hand, in a line..big bead, then a little one.

Once you are there,make a circle & tie up the ends together by winding and winding.  

Now you have your beads on the wire, you can make the heart shape..remember to make a kink at the bottom of the heart... to really make it sharp and obvious its a heart.

Once we have our beaded hearts, fill up the remainder of the wire with the seed beads and then bend over into a loop, fastening at the bottom.

We are finished and it looks...

Perfecto.  Wonderful as a window decoration, a Christmas tree decoration or for wrapping up and giving as a personalised gift.

Well done x

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