Saturday, 27 October 2012

A brilliant thing to do with that pile of wonderful beautiful drawings children's drawings...that pile that just keeps on growing. MAKE WRAPPING PAPER from them...genius! Enjoy x

Don't feel bad, we have all done it.  Binned (ahem) recycled some of those beautiful drawings that fall fresh from the hands of our's the quantity of them that is the problem, we have gazillions of them..all gorgeous of course.    

Once your albums are full, and there is no space left on your bedroom walls we are in trouble.  

As more drawings roll off the dining room table rising panic begins to kick in...I know, we have all been there.

No longer dear hearts...homemade wrapping paper...genius.

Gather together all the drawings you can muster....children LOVE to do this bit.

Place them face down and secure into one large sheet with selotape. (Scroll down)

Marvellous stuff.  Then quite simply wrap your pressie.  Finishing it off with a bow works wonders too.  Below are lots of shots to get you going...great for Granny especially!