Monday, 8 October 2012

A trip to the shop at The Tate Modern...items to inspire children's imagination..

This weekend we went to London.

That is the husband and I went into London to help my old mucker Katie Turner move studio.  We worked like trojans and had a ball at the same time...result.  See here to read about that very special day.  

On the Sunday bruised and tired, we went for a beautiful walk along the Thames to the Tate Modern, the mere sight of the place (although particularly the shop) fills me with possibilities - its very exciting for me to go there..even more if I have £50 in my pocket to spend on some beautiful items, books, a few trinkets for the babes and a long latte in the restaurant at the top.  It's a brilliant place to go...for everyone, Artists, families, on your lonesome and particularly with children.

I wanted to go to the Tate for two reasons, firstly to walk off a thick head (from the evening before) and secondly to find some fresh input for my children's art lessons.

I wasn't disappointed.   The Tate Modern  is fresh thinking and welcoming.  It realises that it belongs to everyone and everyone is invited.  Having set their attitude so well, the merchandise reflects its values brilliantly.  The items sourced for children are encouraging, inspiring and easy easy to comprehend.

All the items that I am listing below are for children.  Things that I have purchased for my own babes and to keep for my art lessons.  Each I love and would happily encourage to you to get ordering for birthdays looming and of course..shhhs (say it quietly)!

First up we have:

'Lets Make some Great Art'  by Marion Deuchars.

Wowzers what a book.  Its big and thick and made of recycled paper.  All a bonus.

I believe its about 200 pages?  About that thick anyway (that is about 2.5cm)  Each page is a delicious task or activity that draws you in...ahem...I mean the child in.

My son is now 8 and its his idea of heaven.  An activity per page, or spread over two maximum.  The children is encouraged to think about perspectives, colours, animation, drawing, expressions, comics, composition.  Blissfully each page is about DRAWING...yum.

Seeing my son (particularly as he seems to be a millions miles a minute 99% of the time) sitting at the dining table with his pens...head tilted to one side and his tongue ever so slightly hanging out in concentration, is utter bliss for me.  Enough to fire off a feeling of 'happy child, happy parent' moment from my synapses....a complete result for £12.99.


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