Tuesday, 25 June 2013

'Collage Self-portraits' (Museum Style) An easy-peasy arty activity for ALL age & abilities..

'Self Portraits in Collage Museum Style'

We had a ball at our after school class this evening.  Our session was based around representing ourselves on paper and what moods we wanted to show ourselves in.

Following a bubbly chat about why we make self-portraits and what's good about them (they are cool, you can hang them on the wall, they look pretty, people want to make themselves look great, they are great gifts, etc, etc) we set to work on ourselves!

The children worked really hard over this session which lasted 1hr & 15mins.  Full to the brim of activity and really quite movement based, we worked hard from start to finish.  I made some really simple 'frames' on some brown paper and whited out the centre to give the children a 'space to fill'
this worked really well and encouraged the children to work bigger than they might naturally.

There are some superb pictures here, well done indeed and am really really looking forward to repeating this exercise with my second school of the week.

Well done everyone!  Hints & tips on how easy it is to do this exercise at home underneath the photo's 

Much love, Sam x 

How to do this at home:

This is an utterly fantastic activity to do en famille on a rainy afternoon.   

You will need:

  • Magazines, newspapers, coloured papers, etc.
  • Glue.  (a glue-stick is fab)
  • Large sheet of paper for the frame.  
  • Scissors.

Hints & Tips:

  • Don't be tempted to work to small!!  Give yourself/your child a big frame space to work in.  This promotes creativity.
  • I used some brown packing paper as I have a massive roll for sending out, which I taped around the edges on the back to make it more durable - we definately don't want any rips!

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