Sunday, 28 April 2013

We had a ball at yesterday's 'Acrylic Painting for All' art workshop. Our best one yet!

Having worked muchly with children recently I was a little nervous at teaching adults again!  I needn't have worried  at all as not only did everyone that came happen to be absolutely lovely, they were also ready, willing and gung-ho to get going with the wonderful paints that are acrylics.
We set up the hall on Friday night as is normally the case.  However on this particular eve the light that flooded into the hall was just divine, so much so that I stayed on for an extra hour or two to finish a large scale floral work that I've been struggling with recently.  I loved it and the painting was completed.
We tried things a little differently this time with the food for our day.  Our wonderful family friend Andy is an outstanding cook and he very kindly produced lunch for us.  Cor, the menu was fantastic.  All home-cooked we enjoyed a Salmon Quiche served with dauphinoise potatoes & a watercress salad (along with warmed french bread) I can't tell you how delicious it was!  Following that we had cheeses, chutneys and oatcakes.  At high tea we enjoyed a home-made lemon cake which disappeared very very fast along with lashing of tea.  We truly felt utterly treated which was exactly our mission!
Below are some photo's of our day to enjoy.  If you would like to be kept in the know with our new workshops as they are announced, please email me on
Much love, Sam x 
'Acrylic Painting for All' Art Workshop with Samantha Barnes 309968_10151472908164221_2144569077_n-1 387294_10151472906869221_856494594_n-1 387294_10151472906869221_856494594_n 395665_10151472906939221_2046842488_n-1 395665_10151472906939221_2046842488_n 395752_10151472908099221_1758502512_n-1 395752_10151472908099221_1758502512_n 397869_10151472906679221_149289536_n-1 397869_10151472906679221_149289536_n 399645_10151472906229221_381196898_n-1 399645_10151472906229221_381196898_n 401339_10151472907834221_814143986_n-1 401339_10151472907834221_814143986_n 401882_10151472907579221_1873943648_n-1 401882_10151472907579221_1873943648_n 407068_10151472906374221_1620060093_n 417897_10151472907539221_42801158_n-1 417897_10151472907539221_42801158_n 420629_10151472906759221_1544527943_n 484557_10151472907139221_158566946_n 485617_10151472907879221_1749157348_n-1 524690_10151472908299221_1700869008_n 550308_10151472906139221_955904467_n 550308_10151472907174221_35099007_n 922706_10151472907324221_2060658745_n 922732_10151472906714221_1264788937_n 923002_10151472907104221_1101297787_n 935423_10151472906324221_932355868_n-1 935480_10151472906964221_1287857611_n 936988_10151472908349221_174595246_n-1 936988_10151472908349221_174595246_n

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