Sunday, 10 March 2013

Let's make...'Dreamy Dream Catchers' Perfect for a rainy afternoon in with the babes..


Perfecto for rainy afternoons indoors, another gem from the wonderful Marion retired childminder after some 20 years and all round general superstar in all things make & do-ey!  I adore her. 


Gather all the materials that you can muster, Marion have tried to use all things that we might have around the house.

You will need:

A paper plate with the centre cut out
Colour felt tips
Tissue papers and shapes
2 circles of sticky back plastic which is slightly bigger than the cut out shape in the paper plate
Beads, etc
Blu tack

Decorate the back of the plate

Place one of the sticky back plastics on the circle cut out.

Put the shapes and tissues onto the sticky back and then place the other circle of sticky back in place.

& turn it voila!  Looking gorgeous.

Take some blu tack and place at the BOTTOM of your plate.  With the blu tack in place, take a pencil and make 3 holes through the blu tac and the plate (this adds weight).

Take your thread and place 3 lengths into the holes and make them secure.  Hang anything you wish onto the threads, beads, feathers, etc.

Repeat again to make a hole at the top of the plate so you can hang your dream catcher and tada...we are there with a BEAUTIFUL Makey-doey!  Well done you!

Much love

Samantha Barnes, but much more Marion Sweet..(well done again Marion!)

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