Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter craftables for the babes in a flash!

Easter?  Really?

Now far be it from me to be Mrs Minus, I love the celebration of Easter as each year I find it's so needed after the long hard winter...daffs, colour, flowers, smells (and occasional sights!) of the sun....freshly cut grass and the Springish pastel colours that pop up everywhere.  Gorgeous.

No, my problem is  that my head is still in January somewhere.  With that in mind, my Mum and I went shopping on Wednesday to do try and get prepared for family staying and perhaps more importantly, the children at home for TWO WEEKS?!  huh?!

All it took was a good food shop, bit of planning with Mum over coffee & muffins and hey presto I'm home with a clean car, boot full of nosh and 24hrs to kick the house into some sort of order for the holidays.

Day 2 now of the Easter break and we are on our way to having a brill Easter with the mega thrill of seeing lots of lovely pals and family that we never get to see enough.

Easter activities in a flash?  There are plenty.  So far mine have been too wrapped up in everything other than needing to be occupied - if it ain't broke and all that!

This morning though, I boiled up some ashamed to say with the egg still in...yeah right, egg-blowing etc, etc...sounds great but my babes would break the delicate shell in a second...with that in mind I thought that being smelly would be better than heartbroken so...

Boil and cool.  When cold, gather a smidge of glue, anything that you can add that you have around...sparkles, gems etc.  A couple of marker pens here are a must...and of course some googley eyes...bonza....happy babes with smelly eggs.

Position, photograph and enjoy for 24hrs then slide into the bin without the children noticing...everyone's a winner!

Happy Easter everyone x

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