Monday, 5 November 2012

The one where I bore even myself..(ahem) but then I pull it back beautifully...

I keep changing my mind as there are quite frankly a gazillion things that we can spend our delicious 1hr 15minutes doing at this week's Artypops art class.    

My thinking is (of course) all about drawing and I am spending hours surfing the net, digging out old lesson plans and dreaming up new activities, each highlighting different and wonderful things for the children to learn.

I went to town today to get said classes'  art supplies and darling son a winter coat.   He has one by one lost them all, grown out of them or ripped them to shreds in a growing up boy/incredible hulk type thing... so this year at the ripe old age of 8, he deserves a new one from an actual shop!  One that I can bleat on about keeping clean and not lost...blah blah blah...whoops am actually boring myself here too...a thousand apologies.

Ah yes, sketchbooks and little folios.

It's a no-brainer that as an Artist I do that thing that makes me all excited and creative when viewing a couple of shelves of art stuff or when in a stationers.

Am sure it was from when I was younger, my aunt ran a stationers for a little bit so when we went to see her we a: got to be in the shop when it was closed (big wow it was) and b: got to choose two things from the stationary bit to keep us quiet   as a treat upon seeing her.

Its that smell of clean paper - ok am sounding freaky now so am going to wrap it up (lovely pun) suffice to say that today I bought a gazillion sketchpads for the babes to work in...each and everyone a beauty.

No really , it's actually very exciting.

Sam x

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