Monday, 7 January 2013

Knee deep in mud and taking conference calls... who says that men can't multi-task and live the dream! Dates to encourage, enthuse and enjoy!!

Am back at my drawing board, well actually my kitchen table and the house is as  q u i e t  as can be... its most unnerving compared to the shrieking of the babes which our little house has endured over the past 2.5 weeks, I miss the noise and them already!

After drop-off school this morning, DH and I yomped over the fields to get some fresh air, we often do as it's a wonderful way to clear our heads and shift our rears at the same time.

This morning DH  took an important conference call for work knee deep in mud - it struck me how far we have arrived into our dream of countryside living already - AND we don't even have our family dog yet!

It's been a superb holiday and feeling a bit down this am, I took in the BEAUTIFUL view and remembered just how much I am itching to do some landscape painting.   Some proper in 'get there-make-a-mess' landscape painting with lashings of paint onto canvas...  bliss.

I shall spend the dark winter months, planning, researching my favourite landscape painters work (Albert Irving, Alfred Wallis to name but two) and gathering my materials ready to start work in the spring.

It's important to have something to look forward to - what's yours? I'd love to know.

News too:

Also in today's posting is my 'Artypops one-day Children's Art Workshop' flyer, I really enjoyed making it!   Being held on Thursday 21st February.  It's going to be a blast, more details following soon.

Two spaces only left on my 'Everyone Can Draw' adults art workshop coming soon on Saturday 26th January here in my home village of Overton.  £55 including all materials, refreshments and lunch too.  10am -3.30pm.  Absolutely no skills are necessary for ANY of my workshops, come and do...don't think!

Much love

Sam x

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